Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Best Top 10 PS4 Co Op Games 2017/2016 | PS4 2 player games | PS4 co-op g...

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Games List:
0:02 Borderlands- The Handsome Collection
0:40 Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare
1:04 Rayman Legends
1:38 Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
2:08 Gauntlet- Slayer Edition
2:33 Resident Evil 6
3:08 Never Alone
3:42 Foul Play
4:13 Lego Star Wars Force Awakens
4:47 LittleBigPlanet 3
5:29 Channel Trailer

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21 Essential Photography YouTube Channels to Follow


How to Make Videos Look Professional | 5 Simple Tips & Tricks to Shoot Better DSLR Video!

How to Make Videos Look Professional | 5 Simple Tips & Tricks to Shoot Better DSLR Video!

These five basic tips and tricks cover areas like setting white balancechoosing the right ND filter, and both good and bad framing. The video also sheds light on unnecessary production expenses common among new filmmakers. Using your surroundings is an underappreciated skill that aspiring filmmakers should learn to develop.

FilmRiot wins again with this fun lighting overview. The tutorial plays to the strengths of most working videographers who will, at some point, need to use whatever they can to get the shot. In this case, Ryan Connelly demonstrates lighting your subject with a lamp and using natural light when you can.

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